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What Is a Divorce Certificate? Divorce Certificates for sale

A divorce certificate is not the same as a divorce decree. A divorce certificate is an official document issued by the office that keeps track of vital records in your state (such as the health department or office of vital records). It contains basic identifying information for both spouses and the date and place of the finalized divorce. Contact us to buy divorce sertificates for sale

Unlike a lengthy divorce decree, a divorce certificate is a simple document that shows:

  • You are divorced
  • The names of both former spouses
  • The date of the divorce
  • The place of the divorce

The purpose of a divorce certificate is simply to provide proof of a divorce. A divorce certificate is usually a single page—significantly shorter than most divorce decrees.

Uses of a Divorce Certificate

A divorce certificate is used for limited purposes, and not all states issue a divorce certificate. You can use it for:

  • Getting a name change
  • Showing proof of divorce without revealing the details of your divorce
  • Getting a travel visa
  • Getting a passport, unless your name change is not on the certificate
  • Inheritance purposes, to show you are single
  • Getting married
  • Anywhere you need to show proof of divorce

Not all states issue divorce certificates—to find out if your state offers divorce certificates, contact the state’s office of vital records. Most states that provide divorce certificates will require you to make your request for a copy in writing or online using a designated request form, and will charge a small fee for the service. Divorce Certificates for sale. Even if you’re able to make a request for your divorce certificate online, the office of vital records will mail you a copy rather than provide an electronic copy. Divorce Certificates for sale


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