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Certificate of origin(Custom certificate for sale)

A Certificate of Origin or Declaration of Origin (often abbreviated to C/O, CO or DOO) is a document widely used in international trade transactions which attests that the product listed therein has met certain criteria to be considered as originating in a particular country. A certificate of origin / declaration of origin is generally prepared and completed by the exporter or the manufacturer, and may be subject to official certification by an authorized third party. It is often submitted to a customs authority of the importing country to justify the product’s eligibility for entry and/or its entitlement to preferential treatment. Guidelines for issuance of Certificates of Origin by chambers of commerce globally are issued by the International Chamber of Commerce. Custom Certificates for sale

The importance of certificate of origin

In general, a certificate of origin is essential in international trade transactions because it is the proof certifying the origin of the product, which is in turn the basis to determine the tariffs and other trade measures that will be applied.

Although satisfying rules of origin in principle means that a product has qualified for the originating status, and is thus entitled to preferential tariffs, in most cases, a claim for preferences must be accompanied by a certificate of origin presented to the customs authority at the port of entry. Unlike the exporter or manufacturer, who is responsible for (and capable of) proving to the issuing authority (or self-certifying) the origin of the product, the importer often has little knowledge of how the product meets the origin criteria. The importer is instead required to present a proof, e.g., a certificate of origin issued or obtained by the exporter or manufacturer. Such separation of obligations means that even if a product may actually originate in a particular country, the importer’s failure to submit a certificate of origin may cause the good to be barred from enjoying preferences.[4]

For instance, the rules of origin in the free trade agreement between Chile and Thailand provides that:

Article 4.13: Certificate of Origin[5] A claim that goods are eligible for preferential tariff treatment under this Agreement shall be supported by a Certificate of Origin issued by the exporting Party in the form as prescribed in Section A of Annex 4.13 (Form of Certificate of Origin of Chile, issued by its competent authority) or Section B of Annex 4.13 (Form of Certificate of Origin of Thailand, issued by its competent authority). Custom Certificates for sale

Apart from border purposes, a certificate of origin also plays a certain role in certifying the source of a product and thus its prestige (for instance Swiss watches). Therefore, the importer may need it to show to his consumers in the destination market. In some cases, a certificate of origin helps to determine whether a product can be legally imported, particularly when the importing country is applying a ban or a sanction on goods originating in certain countries. Custom Certificates for sale


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