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Canadian passport
Passeport canadien (French)
A navy blue passport cover with a gold-coloured crest. Text reads "CANADA" above the crest and "PASSPORT" and "PASSEPORT" below

The front cover of a Canadian e-passport
(with chip EPassport logo.svg).
Type Passport
Issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, on behalf of the Queen in Right of Canada
First issued
  • 1862 (letter of request)
    1921 (booklet)
  • 1 July 2013 (biometric)
Purpose Identification
Valid in All countries
Eligibility Canadian citizenship
Expiration 5 or 10 years after acquisition for adults (age 16 years and older), and 5 years for children under 16[1]
Adult (5 years) [2]
Adult (10 years) [2]
Child [2]

A Canadian passport (French: passeport canadien) is the passport issued to citizens of Canada. It enables the bearer to enter or re-enter Canada freely; travel to and from other countries in accordance with visa requirements; facilitates the process of securing assistance from Canadian consular officials abroad, if necessary; and requests protection for the bearer while abroad.[3][4]

All Canadian passports are issued through the Passport Program of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).[5] Prior to 1 July 2013, Canadian passports were issued through Passport Canada, an independent operating agency of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada.[6] Passports are normally valid for five or ten years for persons 16 years of age and older, and five years for children under 16.[1] In 2022, 70% of Canadians had passports, with over 24.6 million passports in circulation.[7] Although held by individual citizens, all Canadian passports legally remain the property of the Crown and must be returned to the Passport Program upon request.[8][9]

Canada is a member of the Five Nations Passport Group, an international forum for cooperation between the passport issuing authorities of Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States in order to “share best practices and discuss innovations related to the development of passport policies, products and practices.”[10]

Canada began issuing biometric passports, also known as electronic passports or e-passports, to Canadian citizens on 1 July 2013.[3]

The Canadian passport ranks fifth in the world in terms of freedom of movement and travel according to the Passport Index.[11]


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