Medical-Psychological Examination (abbreviated: MPU)

In Germany, the Medical-Psychological Examination (abbreviated: MPU) assesses the applicant’s fitness to drive. Popularly referred to as the “idiot test”, the legal term is “assessment of driving aptitude” (corresponding to assessment office for driving aptitude).

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connection with the future risk of accidents. On the other hand, an open discussion of the causes and stable changes in attitude and behavior are important.

An MPU report provides a prognosis of the client’s traffic probabilities, i.e. a probability statement based on facts and empirical knowledge about the development of behavior in the future. The facts are documented in the driving aptitude register and in the driving license file. The prognosis is always favourable (= “positive” expert opinion) if the doubts of the driver’s license authority can be dispelled by the traffic medical and traffic psychological findings, i.e. if there are provable indications of stable changes in behaviour and attitude.

Before the decision on the new issue of the driving license, the competent authority checks whether the expert opinion is comprehensible. The formal and content-related standards must be met (consistency, logical order, scientific verifiability, compliance with legal requirements as well as the assessment guidelines and assessment criteria for suitability for driving). If there are justified doubts about objectivity or if these standards are not observed, an expert opinion can be rejected by the driver’s license authority. In practice, this happens almost never.

The quality of the MPU reports and the working methods of the MPU offices are also checked by the assessment office for driver’s licenses of the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt). Section Quality assurance by the BASt).

An MPU report can also be requested from persons who do not have a driver’s license at all if they have been found to have a blood alcohol concentration of 1.6 per mille or more when cycling in road traffic. Otherwise, there is the threat of a ban on driving vehicles (bicycle and moped) without a driver’s license. This practice is currently regarded as lawful after courts in the past had already judged this to be illegal

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