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Trying to get Real Fake Documents and international certificates Online? We have the best solutions for you. We have the best technology to produce quality and genuine documents for all immigrants in different EU countries. All you need is to contact us any time you need a driving license, Identity Card, residence permit, certificate or Passports. We offer our services in the majority of the European countries among other parts of the world. If you are traveling to countries in the EU areas, you can always trust us to help you get essential documents. You are at the right place to buy documents online

Here is our story from a driving license Solutions Company to a multipurpose global documentation. We are the best team of document service providers around the world. Yes we say so and we mean it. The initial founders of this organization were a Russian millionaire and a German millionaire in 2018. They wanted to make a sustainable underground business by bringing solutions to people’s driving license solutions in Europe. However, this plan met with an unexpected success and we realized we had already provided real driver’s licenses to over 450 clients across Europe and Russia.  These two capitalists had used their influence to create back doors and expand in facilitation of government services. Our Goal is to help any person to buy documents online

Our Services

buy documents online

Buy Passport Online

We produce and register Passports in the database of most countries in Europe, America, Australia and many other countries in the world

Buy Residence Permits Online

We produce real registered residence permit and residence cards of most EU countries. All our docements are system registered and can be renewed once expired We are out here to help you get your documents

British Driver's license for sale

Buy driver's licence online

We produce high quality registered drivers license of EU countries, We register all information into the database system.

IELTS certificate without exams

Buy Certificates Online

We produce real registered IELTS, TOEFL, TESOL without you sitting for an exam. We help you get your english language certificates easily and save you the stress of obtaining one

Why Choose Us?

We register all the documents on the country databases so when it expires, you only need to walk to the nearest required office and renew your document.

Experience Team

We have vast experience in offering documents to every client. In fact, our experienced staffs provide users with friendly services.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

When you get your documents from Novelty License, you are 100% guaranteed by our professionals providing you with the best services you seek.


We are a certified company that issues registered and trust certification and every certificate verified over the official website.

Worldwide Shipping

We use updated shipping technology to deliver products at intended destinations with fast and secure methods.

Confidential & Secure

We offer 100% confidential and secure services. All information is discrete and is never shared to any third party.

High Quality Service

Experience enhanced quality involved in our service and grabs the benefits of our extraordinary proffesionals.

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